Here are some projects we’ve recently completed:

  • Vehicle Sales Administration System

    Client: Informed

    We helped Informed launch their initial product, which offered consumer auto loans at competitive rates for cars found on Craigslist, AutoTrader and elsewhere. We created an inventory curation system that collates information from posted offers with Blue Book, vehicle history and other data to vet offers and inform purchase decisions.

    Technology employed: Rails, Rails, React, Redux, PostgeSQL, Heroku; Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds APIs

  • dentataBase

    Client: The American Chestnut Foundation

    In pursuit of its mission to restore the American chestnut tree, the Foundation operates a program to breed genetically diverse, disease-resistant strains. This activity is conducted largely by volunteers in twenty states. dentataBase was created to house the data generated by this program, standardizing collection and centralizing access. It facilitates better analysis, more coordinated efforts, and more accurate tracking of genealogy. The system currently tracks over a quarter of a million planted trees at over 700 sites, along with information about their lineage and field observations on dozens of traits. Data may be entered via online forms or batch imported from spreadsheets. Data export and reporting functions are also provided.

    Technology employed: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Heroku

  • Mobile Service Backend

    Client: myTheo

    myTheo is a mobile platform that provides real estate agents with the tools they need to do their job on the go, and prospective buyers with a way to research properties they’re interested in. Agents and their clients can collaborate, sharing properties, notes and messages.

    We built the core service that powers the platform. It aggregates property listings, photos and open house schedules from multiple real estate markets, geocodes property addresses and makes all this information available to applications.

    Technology employed: Ruby, Rails, libRETS, MySQL, Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS, S3)

  • E-Commerce Web Site

    Client: Anson Mills

    Anson Mills grows and mills heirloom grains from the antebellum South. In the course of building their Web presence, we created a custom content management system for recipes, an essential part of their mission (their grains don’t cook like their modern-day counterparts). We also built their online retail and wholesale shops.

    Technology employed: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, MySQL, Shopify, MailChimp, Rackspace Managed Cloud

  • Bedsider

    Client: Power to Decide, the Campaign to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy

    We built and continue to maintain Bedsider, an online birth control support network that provides young people with high-quality, accurate information about reproductive health and contraceptive methods.

    At the heart of the site is a custom content management system that allows editorial staff to create and manage site content: articles, banners/billboards, FAQ questions, user-contributed photos, e-cards etc. Other major components include a location-based clinic search engine and a portal for health care providers.

    We also built a companion mobile app that delivers regular, entertaining reminders to users of the pill and other periodic birth control methods.

    Technology employed: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Amazon S3, PostgreSQL, SendGrid, Heroku;
    Facebook, Google Maps, Twilio, Twitter & Yelp APIs