Group photo of Nitid members attending a conference on an ocean pier.

Nitid is a San Francisco-based software development firm founded in 2011, specializing in Web and mobile applications. We collaborate closely with our clients to create and launch successful products and services. Get in touch with us about your project!

What We Do

We help you explore your concept, define a solution, and realize it — whether it’s a mobile app, a Web site or service, a game, a database or dashboard.

We are not your typical freelance hackers. Collectively, we have decades of experience bringing products to market. We can take you from vague concept to delivered app.

We work with clients of all sorts: organizations who lack dedicated development resources, tech startups in the process of building their teams, and established companies looking to temporarily augment their existing capabilities.

How We Work

Our approach is fundamentally collaborative. Many of our clients are outside the world of technology, such as doctors, scientists, and non-profit organizations. We work closely with you to better understand your needs and become long term partners. We’ve been working with several of our clients for over a decade. We are proud they trust us.

What Our Clients Say

“Nitid really excels in their ability to bridge the content, design, and technical spheres and help us creatively think about solutions. They can step out of their tech roles and keep us focused on the big picture. I consider them an integral part of our team.”

— Christine Dehlendorf, MD, MAS, Director

“Nitid always goes above and beyond for us. I love working with their team.”

— Whitney Wilson, MPH, Project Manager

“They work quickly and thoroughly, and are always available to be thought partners in designing the most user-centered tool possible. … It is truly a joy to work with this team, so much so that our team is trying to come up with new projects so we can continue working with them!”

— Sara Magnusson, VA Puget Sound, Project Coordinator

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