What We Do

We help you explore the space of possibilities, envision a solution, and realize it, whether it’s a mobile app, a Web site or service, a game, a database or dashboard.

We’re not mere coders-for-hire. Collectively, we have decades of experience bringing products to market. We can take you from concept to delivery.

We work with clients who lack dedicated development resources, tech startups in the process of building their teams, and established companies looking to temporarily augment their existing capabilities.

How We Work

Our approach is fundamentally collaborative. We practice agile software development and employ domain-driven design.

Agile Development

Instead of pressuring you to specify everything up front, and ourselves to deliver everything in one go, we steer projects to completion via a continuous cycle of conversation, development, presentation and evaluation. We review our progress with you frequently to get your feedback and help us adjust course. Because we work rapidly and iteratively, we can respond quickly as your business evolves.

We employ practices from methodologies like Extreme Programming and Scrum, tailoring our process to suit you and your project.

Domain-Driven Design

We enter into your world, develop a shared vocabulary around the problem we’re tackling together, and become as close to experts as we can before proposing technical solutions.

Our Technology

Our go-to tech includes:

We typically deploy systems on Heroku or AWS.

We’ve got experience with many other languages, databases and environments, including C/C++/Objective-C, Python, Java, R, MySQL, MongoDB and varied Linux distributions.