• Jeremy Yun

    Founder & Principal

    Jeremy Yun, in close proximity to distilled spirits

    Jeremy climbs rocks, drinks whiskey on the rocks, and generally rocks. A reformed mechanical engineer, he relishes the freedom from physical constraints that working with code affords him. Lunch is on him every Wednesday.

  • Winston WOLFF


    Winston Wolff, Simpsonized

    True story: Winston is the namesake of Harvey Keitel’s character in Pulp Fiction. He’s also a game developer with a couple of Star Wars™ titles to his credit, a computer and robotics summer camp instructor, and the architect of Tychos, the educational product we’re incubating.

  • Michael Taras

    Software Engineer

    Michael Taras with surfboard

    Michael epitomizes chill. Nevertheless, he has zero tolerance for slow web requests, which he routinely speeds up by a factor of 5–10. He knows just enough statistics to be dangerous. His band, The Strange Land, is tagged both “rock” and “evil” on Bandcamp.

  • Chi Jen Lu


    Chi Jen Lu with the Golden Gate Bridge

    Before reinventing himself as a front-end developer, Chi made his design mark on consumer products like the HTC One phone and Under Armour smart scale. He volunteers as a tutor and curriculum designer at Techtonica, and has earned the princely sum of $20 from doing standup comedy.

  • Wick


    Wick communing with Nature

    Joseph Perry, aka Wick, grew up on a blueberry farm in the Columbia River Gorge. A neurobiologist and self-taught programmer, he is developing Crescent Loom, a game in which players create simple organisms and wire up their nervous systems to determine their behavior.