• Jeremy Yun

    Founder & Principal

    Jeremy Yun, in close proximity to distilled spirits

    Jeremy climbs rocks, drinks whiskey on the rocks, and generally rocks. A reformed mechanical engineer, he relishes the freedom from physical constraints that working with code affords him. Lunch is on him every Wednesday.

  • Winston Wolff


    Winston Wolff, Simpsonized

    True story: Winston is the namesake of Harvey Keitel’s character in Pulp Fiction. He’s also a game developer with a couple of Star Wars™ titles to his credit, a computer and robotics summer camp instructor, and the architect of Tychos, the educational product we’re incubating.

  • Roger Rohrbach

    Technical Lead

    Roger Rohrbach with his son, Arvo

    Roger helped develop the operating system for the Mars Rover, create the giant bugs in Starship Troopers, put the artist, album and song titles into iTunes, and make it possible for you to design your own Reeboks. He only needs four things to do his job well: git, vim, Pivotal Tracker, and good coffee.

  • Michael Taras

    Software Engineer

    Michael Taras with surfboard

    Michael epitomizes chill. Nevertheless, he has zero tolerance for slow web requests, which he routinely speeds up by a factor of 5–10. He knows just enough statistics to be dangerous. His band, The Strange Land, is tagged both “rock” and “evil” on Bandcamp.

  • Chi Jen Lu


    Chi Jen Lu with the Golden Gate Bridge

    Before reinventing himself as a front-end developer, Chi made his design mark on consumer products like the HTC One phone and Under Armour smart scale. He volunteers as a tutor and curriculum designer at Techtonica, and has earned the princely sum of $20 from doing standup comedy.

  • Wick


    Wick communing with Nature

    Joseph Perry, aka Wick, grew up on a blueberry farm in the Columbia River Gorge. A neurobiologist and self-taught programmer, he is developing Crescent Loom, a game in which players create simple organisms and wire up their nervous systems to determine their behavior.